Your auction on your website

Create a web presence for your auction house with ease and start collecting web bids.

remobid is a hosted service that provides everything you need for a state of the art online presence of your auction house. By using remobid, you can easily create a detailed and beautiful online catalog and show all the items you're about to auction off in a perfect format.

And the best part: you don't have to worry about servers, security updates or programming, just focus on compiling the best catalog possible.

Online bidding made easy

Provide your customers with the ability to browse through a digital catalog with an unlimited amount of high resolution pictures and additional content for each lot, which is not possible with traditional printed catalogs.

Your customers can easily bid on their favorite lots with one click or put it on their watchlist for future bids.

Powerful catalog search

Give your customers the full power of a digital database and let them search your lots by a variety of attributes like starting price, conditions, categories and of course full text search by keywords in the lot description.

Your customers can also save their searches to be used for upcoming auctions and can even be notified about the results via email as soon as you start a new auction.

Advanced e-mail marketing

Besides the above mentioned automated search result emails, the remobid system comes with lots of tools to market your auction perfectly to your customers. For example you can remind them about their lots if they canceled somewhere in the bidding process. Or inform them if lots they are interested in are updated with e.g. new pictures or downloadable certificates.

Because remobid has an integrated newsletter system you can leverage all the data about your customers to send them customized emails with content they are interested in without you having to put every single email together.

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Pricing based on your needs

remobid is a Software as a Service, which means you're not paying a 5 or 6 figure sum for the system, but instead you're paying a monthly fee, which is calculated on the size of your auctions and the feature set you want to use. remobid can be canceled anytime and we provide you with a convenient way to get your data out of the remobid system if you feel, that we're not providing you with the value you expect.

Regular updates & improvements

We are constantly improving remobid, all of our customers get these updates free of charge on a weekly basis. In a time of rapidly changing web technologies, you do not have to worry about keeping up with the latest developments.

If you think that remobid could benefit from additional features, please let us know, we are always open for feedback and suggestions.

Content management with ease

You should not have to be a programmer or designer to manage the content of your webpage, therefore remobid provides you with a custom built editor, which allows you to change your content via simple drag&drop. You can simply place blocks like text, images or complex components like newsletter sign up forms, contact person details or even a list of lots targeted to the preferences of the customer viewing the page.

Optimized for mobile devices

An ever increasing number of people is visiting websites on mobile devices. Our custom built editor automatically takes care of optimizing the content for different resolutions and devices.

Multi language support

We know that your customers are most likely located all around the world and it's sometimes important to speak the language of the customer. remobid is available in different languages and you can easily create pages in your preferred language, even in languages like arabic or chinese.

No servers needed

Because remobid is a hosted solution you don't have to worry about the IT infrastructure behind the scenes. We are taking care of all the hassle to keep your site running and secure and with our distributed system in different datacenters on different continents we provide the fastest experience possible for your customers wherever they are.

Easy import/export

We know that your data has to live in multiple places like your internal crm or bookkeeping system or on different other platforms like philasearch or lotissimo and therefore remobid has different import & export tools to help you keep the data in sync.

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